Friday, 4 November 2016

The Anniversary

I know that most of cancer survivals remember the date of being diagnosed or celebrate the anniversary of being cancer free. For me it's the date when I discovered I had a problem that is somehow the most significant. I think I will always remember the 4th of November 2014. After that followed a dramatic year full of hospital appointments and another year which I must admit was a lot about worrying if the treatment was successful. Especially as I was watching a good friend of mine being diagnosed with brain tumor and dying six months later...
But starting the year three and looking back I suddenly feel that actually not so much changed in my life. 
That first year doesn't feel so dramatic any more and I am hardly ever worried if the cancer has really gone or not. Life settled back to normal, I do everything just the way I did before. I got used to a "different shape" of my body when something is missing easier than I thought I would. Sometimes sadness over the fact that I will not be able to have children any more creeps in but it's a kind of sadness that comes and goes. I might have ended up childless even without going through the cancer treatment. Who knows.
Nicest things last year were that I did a bit of travelling and realised I would like to try to do more of it.
October 2016
I met some people with the same skin condition as mine and I would like to meet more of them.
With Nusrit and Hunter in 2015
With Carly in 2016
I tried the online dating once again, started seeing someone and for the first time I'm in relationship.

While I was going through the treatment I started doing my nails regularly – and I never stopped!
Anniversary mani
 I'm curious what label I will put on this year at the end of it! :-)