Thursday, 17 September 2015

There is a Time for Everything

This was the first day in five weeks I didn't have to do my hospital trip to have my radiotherapy. I thought it would feel strange but actually - it didn't!!! After I have written my last post there was a change in my radiotherapy schedule. As I used to say jokingly I was doing so well with my radiotherapy that I was given an extra bonus of ten treatments. No the truth is the longer treatment schedule is supposed to be less harsh to the skin, that's why it was changed. It means only finished yesterday. Yet I can't say it was too bad. My skin was holding up well, I didn't get too tired, I was fine driving myself daily to the hospital and back and I even managed to do most of it. I worked in  mornings before my treatment but then after the treatment I ended up almost every day either in a coffee shop or in the park (according to the weather but living in the UK it was mostly coffee shop) writing in my journal and if could I went visiting places.  

Picnic at St. Osvald's Priory ruins
My friends went on steam train, I didn't expect to go on the train, I just went to meet them after my treatment in Cheltenham train station but my friend gave me her ticket to go back and she drove my car to Toddington. 

At last I made it! After 11 years living in the are I visited Shakespeare's birthplace from inside

Prinknash Abbey

Winchcombe Pottery

My most favourite park: Pittville Park in Cheltenham

Funny rugby balls in Gloucester

So most of my treatment is over (I'll be still on hormonal treatment)  and only time will tell if it was successful. We will see. But I find that even though I'm fairly rational person there are times when I get panicky in a proper irrational way. If I get any unusual pain my first thought is if it might be cancer or I can see lumps and bumps even where they aren't. Weird... I hope this emotional "side effect" will go over time 
Anyway, after all I have been through I'm going to enjoy some holidays. Why not one holiday a month? Tomorrow I'm off to Devon for a week. It's an usual annual holiday for all of us living in the community and I'm very lucky I managed to go. For a long time I wasn't sure whether my treatment will be finished or not. In October I decided to do something I have never done before - I'm going on holiday on my own and it's very special holiday indeed. I'm staying 8 days in Rome. Something to mark the end of one season in my life. In November I'm going to see my family in Slovakia at last.  Not too bad. I just started wondering how I'm going to fit all my usual work in between those holidays.  
There really is a time for everything (Eccle 3:1): Time for hospital visits and time for holidays.