Friday, 7 August 2015

Those who wait

Hard to believe it's more than a month since I wrote the last blog post. To be honest not much was happening. I would say it was time of waiting. Waiting for my skin to get better and waiting for the next stage my treatment.  
In lavender fields
I'm pleased to announce that my skin is better now. Only a few days ago I could honestly say that it is back to normal. It means that it took about six weeks to recover. 
I have date when my radiotherapy starts as well. Two weeks ago I had my pre-radio appointment and, as I jokingly say, I have now my first tattoo ever. Three tattoo dots is the standard way to mark where/how the beams will be directed during the treatment. Perhaps I'll go for some more exciting tattoo next time!
Not that it makes a lot of difference in my case but my natural hair started coming back. It's just nice to feel again my eyebrows and eyelashes, even though they are generally almost invisible. 
Rather big thing is, that as my cancer was hormone receptive, since the last appointment with my oncologist was put on a hormonal treatment. Practically it means that within next two years I'll become menopausal. That should reduce the chances of cancer coming back.  
Apart from all the medical things that are going on I had nice time harvesting some veg I planted in our garden after Easter, enjoying my friend who visited me twice and most of all I made myself pretty busy in our pottery. 

did three firings this summer and working towards two more. 
And when I'm not busy in the pottery I walk around dressed as Olaf the Snowman!  
I hope I renewed my strength at this time of waiting. Next week I'm starting my daily trips to Cheltenham hospital. Most of all I'm curious what my skin will think of radiotherapy... Will keep you updated.