Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Nine down, Six to go! or Radiotherapy and Ichthyosis

Yes, finally I started my three weeks long course of radiotherapy. And it started in an exciting way indeed. In three weeks time since my initial pre-radio appointment I lost my tattoo dots. They just simply peeled off with my skin I guess. That gave the radiology team a bit of a challenge. At one point it was actually funny as I was surrounded by four people trying to find those dots with a torch. They had to work out a different way of measuring me up for the treatment at the end. Well, at least I learned that it wouldn't be a good idea to go for a proper tattoo!!!
Lost tattoos wasn't the only excitement I've had so far. The other day there was a false fire alarm bang in the middle of my treatment. Then the machine went bunkers and a technician had to be called in. Last time I had a student there for an observation. I wonder what's next.
When it comes to side effects so far it's not too bad. I mean my skin is locally upset and perhaps a bit swollen but that was to be expected. Yet it's nothing like the skin reaction I had after chemo. I don't feel particularly tired either but maybe it's too early for that. Will see at the end of it.

With my cat

I decided that I'm certainly going to enjoy the whole thing as much as I can. I want to have good memories of it so every time I try to do something nice. I use the time of waiting to do a bits of writing for either of my blogs or reading and after the treatment I usually end up in a coffee shop writing into my journal. Or I go somewhere to see something I didn't manage to see before. I actually enjoy the driving part of the treatment too. As I live and work in the same place I have never done a lot of driving and I'm not a great driver but even though I have friends who could drive me to the hospital I prefer going on my own, torturing Tildie with singing out loud and with my poor driving (Tildie is my much loved car - in full name "Matilda II of Rosary).

This is her just after I bought her last October
And this is me hoovering her sometimes at the beginning of summer

It's good feeling that my treatment's coming to an end. I'm really looking forward to our holiday in September.