Wednesday, 22 April 2015

"My Favourite things" or "First time since..."

I've had some difficulties with my wound over last couple of weeks. It broke in one place and was letting blood and other nasty stuff out. Although it wasn't something major it took me by surprise a bit. I didn't expect any problems this long after the surgery ( 10 weeks ) especially as the healing after both surgeries went very well. Now it seems to be settling again. I wonder if it had something to do with me trying to go back to normal as much as possible recently. Hmm... 

I was supposed to see my oncologist today for the first time but the appointment was moved last minute. Considering I have been waiting for it for FIVE weeks I lost it a bit after I heard the news yesterday late afternoon and got emotional. I'm quite calm usually.  
Well a good thing was that I was to go there with a friend whose birthday happened to be yesterday and before I even knew about the cancellation I said to her: "Let's do something nice as well and let's call it a birthday outing. Appointment with an oncologist sounds awful." And guess what. As all the work was reorganized already the we wouldn't be missed we went out anyway. I was assisting her as she was spending her birthday voucher for Debenhams and I was assisting so well that I bought a new top for myself as well. A bit naughty because I'm short of money and I certainly didn't need anything but hey-ho. I'm a girl, I like pretty clothes. 
This is not the new top though, I bough this on on the day I was given my new silicone friend

Another good thing is that this coming Tuesday (that's when my appointment is going to be now - I'm glad that I'm only waiting four more days) another friend of mine who had breast cancer herself and is my great support will be able to accompany me. She couldn't make it today. I'm so blessed that I didn't have to go to any of my important appointments alone. I'm aware that it is a kind of luxury.  

It wasn't intentional but I realized that this weekend I did four things, favourite things I didn't do since my treatment has started. 
I. I worshiped with a flag during our prayer meeting - obviously it's quite demanding on the right arm but I tried and it was ok. 
II. I went again to the pottery - I haven't done anything there for last four months mainly because I couldn't fit it in between my recovering, office work and other things. 
III. I made a mountain of pancakes for everyone - or how to make people happy:

You need a lot of batter...
...five frying pans...
...and me (preferably in my new Debenhams top)!
IV. I danced - I don't do classical dancing in pairs as I have no sense of rhythm at all but I enjoy music and can get pretty crazy when dancing. However I'm not getting any younger and now apart from the pain in myarthritic knees I get pain in the flat side of my chest as well. It doesn't stop me though!!! 
This song from The Sound of Music came to my mind:

So I saw my oncologist today but I still don't have a date when my chemo starts. The funniest thing was that the lady doctor, bless her, hasn't noticed I have a wig already as she started speaking about hair loss. I mean if it was a superb real hair wig I can kind of understand it but I'm having right now just a standard, synthetic one, not the best quality either. Anyway - it just amused me and I think she was a bit embarrassed. 

The date of my first chemo is Tuesday the 28th of April!