Sunday, 5 April 2015

About silicone, furry and human friends

When it comes to photos of me I tend to be quite critical but I really like this one. It was taken in Redditch where a group of us went for a trip on our day off.  
Arrow Valley Lake
By the way I have the date of my appointment with an oncologist now. It's 17th of April. Almost three more weeks of waiting. 

02/04/15 (Maundy Thursday) 
I'm having an appointment with breast care nurse today about fitting my prosthesis. I'm curious how that goes because my current, temporary prosthesis is nothing like my own breast and I had to compromise a lot recently when choosing what to put on. I hope I don't have to say goodbye to all my t-shirts and tighter jumpers and tops.  

03/04/15 (Good Friday) 
It's not perfect but certainly improvement - speaking of my new prosthesis. I'll see up to what degree I can now give up loose shirts, fluffy hoodies, tops with distracting patterns or masking scarfs. My skin doesn't seem to mind silicone too much as long as it is in the bra pocket. That was something I was worried about knowing how my skin needs breathing as I lose more fluids through skin than healthy people do. Even if it was a problem there are ways of sorting it out. So I have this new, faithful, silicone friend till the rest of my life as I'm not planning to go for a reconstruction. 

04/04/15 (Holy Saturday) 
OK everybody, it's time to introduce my beloved, utterly spoiled, four-legged, furry friend. Meet Smudge: 
Now why am I bringing my cat into the blog about ichthyosis and cancer is a good question. Well I literally inherited Smudge from a lady who six years ago died of cancer. I didn't know her and I almost forgot about it but after I was diagnosed it came to my mind and a silly little though followed: I wonder if I'm his last owner... Second question is why am I introducing Smudge on Holy Saturday. Because of this: 
My friend made this yesterday out of leftover bones and it actually shows what a wonderful (and a bit crazy) friends I live with 

05/04/15 (Easter Sunday)
Two reasons to celebrate today! I'm not only celebrating all I received because Christ died and was resurrected 2000 years ago but it's my anniversary of coming to England as well. Little I knew eleven years ago that three months long stay will end up being an open ended moving of countries. Life can sometimes bring unexpected turnings.