Sunday, 18 January 2015

From finding out to the beginning of the treatment

Five days after I turned 37 I discovered I had a problem. Next morning I went to see my GP. 

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.” A.A.Milne

My first appointment in Breast Centre. In less than two hours I've gone through all of it: Ultrasound, mammogram, biopsy of the lump, needle biopsy of a lymph node. And there was three weeks of waiting for results ahead of me. 
Today I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer. Four more biopsy samples of my generally enlarged lymph nodes were taken and I was given provisional treatment plan: chemo, mastectomy but no radiotherapy due to my skin condition. I was very grateful to my friend who accompanied me during this appointment as she went through the same thing 15 odd years ago. My next appointment was scheduled for 22nd - just one day before I was supposed to fly home for Christmas. I was relieved I didn't have to cancel my holiday. They were hoping to book me on MR scan by that time. 
New experience - MRI scan. One of the easiest things out of all that's ahead of me. 
I tried to find out on internet how can I help my body to fight better regarding diet and possible supplements. Soon I realized that all big cancer support websites state only "healthy balanced diet" expression. The other extreme  was to get lost on some anonymous weirdo website promoting dubious alternative medicine solutionsI'm really not into these sort of things. Fortunately my sister had a brainwave and remember my schoolmate from childhood who ended up being a doctor and a few years ago had cancer himself. In no time I had a list of helpful food items and various supplements. 
Good news - cancer didn't seem to spread into my lymph nodes. The  MRI scan revealed one more smaller tumor in my breast. The plan of treatment was changed: It will all start with op on 19th of January.  
Off I go to be with my family during Christmas. 
Back in the UK after a week of being  utterly spoiled by my family. All I did was eating, reading, sleeping and I did it all over again.  
As Christmas season finished I'm  cutting down sugar and quitting with coffee. 
Pre-op. I'm know they didn't measure all things measurable on human body and didn't take a sample of all fluids present in human body either but it felt like it. 
My mum arrived late in the night just to be around in case I need help after the operation. I must say I do appreciate it. 
Today I'm more less finishing work although it's hard to draw the line when I live and work in the same place. Until Christmas nothing much changed, I functioned as usual. After New year I was mainly working in the office and unfortunately for the last two weeks I was fighting mild cold so I feel a bit washed out. 
Tomorrow is my op. Mixed feelings: I'm worried about all sorts of things (e. i. how I'm going to manage my daily routine of looking after my skin, will get depressed after mastectomy). At the same time feeling how the tumor has gone bigger in less than three months since I discovered it I'm glad that the op is happening. All in all I'm being on the optimistic side. Hopeful side where the strength is drawn from faith in the most loving God.